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Grand Junction has grown dramatically

over the past generation, and Anna has been here

through all of the ups and downs.

Raised in Grand Junction, Anna is a graduate of

Grand Junction High School and Mesa State College.

She found her calling early in life in service to our city

and has spent the last decade and a half helping

local families, businesses, and service organizations thrive.


Hard work, dedication, and big dreams

are the bedrock of the Western Colorado way of life,

and Anna has shown how motivated young people

can help our economy grow and create countless opportunities. 

While still in college, Anna started a small business

that has helped thousands of locals and businesses

communicate and market their products successfully.


In addition to her small business consulting work,

Anna is a medical and court-certified Spanish interpreter

and certified translator who has helped prosecutors and attorneys

communicate with victims and clients

to achieve justice in legal cases, 

from violent assault to financial crimes,

working people's rights to white collar crime.



As the award-winning Executive Director of the

Roice-Hurst Humane Society,

Anna turned the struggling organization around

and oversees an annual budget of over $750,000,

created a charitable endowment that grew

from $50,000 to over $800,000 in less than two years,

has helped thousands of families welcome

new animals into their homes,

and managed dozens of staff and volunteers.


When she was just 19, Anna founded the

Foundation for Cultural Exchange,

which created Grand Junction's sister city

and provides support for families and young people

to access education, keep kids in school,

and guarantee high school and college tuition scholarships

for deserving students, as well as provides support for community health and development projects

in one of the most crime-stricken communities 

of El Salvador in Central America. 




A strong and vibrant Grand Junction 

needs bridge-builders, and Anna's fifteen years

of service to the business community and non-profit

boards have given her the chance

to connect our community for collaborative action.

Anna's history of service includes:

Mesa County Animal Services Advisory Board

CASA of Mesa County

KAFM Community Radio Community Advisory Board

GJ Rockies Host Families

Western Colorado Animal Resources Coalition

Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies

Colorado Association of Professional Interpreters

Western Colorado Latino Chamber of Commerce

World Affairs Council of Western Colorado

Riverside Educational Center

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